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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ben folds concert

Ben Folds rocks in concert, y'all.

His set-list from the Mann Center (Philadelphia, PA) on 9/6/08:
1. Zak and Sara
2. Smoke
3. All U Can Eat
4. Effington*
5. Landed
6. Kylie From Connecticut*
7. Jesusland
8. Gracie
9. Ascent of Stan
10. Fred Jones, Part 2
11. One Down
12. Last Polka
13. Not the Same
14. Steven's Last Night in Town
15. Narcolepsy
Encore: The Luckiest

* New Songs

It really takes the songs to a whole new level with the orchestra backing. I was a little saddened that he didn't play "Lullabye" but I'll live. The new songs were gorgeous, and I have a total new appreciation for the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.

Not bad for a concert in the middle of hurricane rains.


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