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"by her keen and active wit, she [ is ] able to hold her own in every situation and emerge with ease and dignity from the most involved intrigues." ~ Duchartre

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

sto-lat, part 1

so, today's my birthday. I wasn't exactly looking forward to today by a long shot, because I don't feel as if the last year was particularly a banner year in The Life of Me and 24 holds all sorts of Great!Importance! as my mother got married when she was 24... I was mostly feeling very sorry for myself (Pity Party!) because my friends are all scattered and yet another birthday passes without a significant other to share it with.

But. But. But. Two wonderful DVDs arrived in the mail yesterday from my BFF, now sadly residing across the country in sunny California. Today I received three phone calls (two with musical accompaniment!) and a bouquet of flowers at work from various family members. (The non-musical one was of course, my brother. The fact that he called me on my birthday and actually held a conversation with me for more than 5 minutes is something my mind has yet to process. The shock is still that overwhelming.) And tonight is dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant with the family, and I know for a fact my mother's been book shopping(!) for yours truly.

I guess what I'm saying is that there are few things as humbling and lovely as understanding that your self pity was entirely worthless, and knowing that no matter what you lack, you've still got a lot. So goodbye, 23. It's been grand.


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