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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

an update... finally

I don't suppose it does any good to once again apologize for dropping off the face of the earth with this blog, considering the only one who's truly ever missing it is me, but hello again, internet. Sorry to have been so long away, but you know... new job, new apartment, new cable service woes.

[If anyone who is employed by Comcast should be reading this blog, hello to you too. I've probably talked to you sometime in the past three weeks, because I've talked to half of the people deigning to answer the phone in your entire company. I've talked to people in West Virginia, Delaware, several different counties of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and Atlanta. Yes, Atlanta, Georgia, which is oh so far away from the Philadelphia area. Boy, was "Pam" confused when she got me on the line, let me tell you. I bet you Atlanta employees are still having a nice little chuckle over that one. Ralph Roberts, I have your address. Expect to hear from me about what your son is making your customers go through just to continue basic service.]

I still have the optimism that one day I will get around to that re-design, but I will also admit that it looks like I have something to do every weekend until Christmas, which is a bit intimidating at the moment. I have to remind myself to stop boggling at the calendar. (New job related, of course. Out of the retail world and into the craziness of fundraising for education, much of which apparently involves "event nights" where people can get massively inebriated while possessed of their checkbooks.)

Anyway, back for a short while at any rate.


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